Career Mode can be really fun, but also boring at times. This post is all about how to make your Career Mode save interesting again!

FIFA Career Mode can be very fun, but for most people after a while it gets boring or uninteresting. I’ve also hit this point multiple times in various different FIFA’s. During those moments I learned multiple solutions on how to get interested again. So I made this guide to share my experiences and hopefully help you guys with some solutions that worked for me!

While the FIFA games have a lot to offer, that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. The thing that makes Career Mode the best FIFA gamemode for me is the storylines that can be created throughout your save. Scenarios are a great way of creating those storylines. If you are ever stuck enjoyment wise in a save try to add a scenario, or add a scenario every season to make it more challenging and interesting. You can make your own scenarios or you can check out our post about different scenarios to use.
If you decide to make your own scenarios, I recommend checking recent football news or recent news in general. You can for example say that one or a few of your players got COVID. I’d also recommend putting a bunch of scenarios in a wheel like, this makes it more randomized and you can’t choose the scenario yourself specifically.

Switch Teams
This is a controversial one in my eyes. While switching teams can be fun, it can also be very boring and annoying. I still recommend doing it, the first season might be a little bit boring because you get to sell a lot of players that the team you went to bought. But after that 1 season it can be really fun. Also a main reason why I suggest doing this, is because further in the save more regens and pregens (check the Regens and Pregens post for explanation) will appear. These players are a one-of-a-kind and won’t be found in a different save, this is great fuel for a storyline. And as I said, storylines make the game a lot better. So instead of doing 4 seasons with a certain club and start a new save, maybe try and move to a different team within that save.

Check the Job Offers tab on FIFA to find teams you can switch to!

Get to know your team
This may sound confusing at first, but let me explain. Once you have your team try to read into the players you are using. And with that I don’t just mean club and previous clubs. I mean look at some interviews with the player, try to learn something about them. You are trying to get a relationship with your player here and this might make the players you are using more interesting and not just any other player you are using again in FIFA. With the Youth Academy this is slightly different because they don’t exist, this creates a great opportunity to create your own story. Just write a story, which doesn’t have to be long, about your player. Think where exactly he is from, how he came, where he is right now and if he has any issues or anything. The Youtuber BFordLancer48 is a great example of someone doing this. His player career modes are always connected with a story and you can create shorter, similar like stories for your Youth Academy players.

Buy different players
This is an important one. I’ve seen people sign players based on their previous saves. I’ve done this myself too. And while this works from time to time, often it won’t hit the same as it did in the previous save. It’s important to try new players. Stories are created with new players and if you sign someone you’ve already used in a different save you will just repeat the same story. Keep these players in the past and find new players!

Different style
Try a different style when building your team, or if you are already far into your save try a different approach. With this I mean a different playing style. Try to maybe buy players with less pace, and do a slow build up type style. Or play Brexit football like Burnley. Everything is possible and trying a different approach can really change the dynamic of the save.

Take a break
This may sound obvious but taking a break can do wonders when you are doing a Career Mode. Staying away from FIFA for a week can refresh your mind and give you new and better ideas for the save. It will also make you excited again after a while and you come up with all these ideas for the save.

There are many more solutions to make Career Mode more interesting which haven’t been mentioned in this post. Try to be creative and just do something different than you usually do. You can also check out this video from FifaCMTips for a few more tips:

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