Strasbourg is known as a French team to many, but not many people know that the club started in Germany. So this makes for a great challenge!

Strasbourg was originally named FC Neudorf, founded in 1906 by a group of young Germans. FC Neudorf became Racing-Club Strasbourg-Neudorf in 1919 after the French took back the Alsace-Lorraine region as an aftermath of World War I. The name Racing-Club Strasbourg-Neudorf later changed to Racing Club de Strasbourg.

Jumping a decade forward Strasbourg managed to recover from getting relegated to the French 5th division after financial liquidation to getting back into the French first division in 2017. Where they have stayed since.

Stade de la Meinau, Strasbourg’s home stadium with it’s fans.

Now that you know the history of Strasbourg, it’s time to create our own future with the power of imagination and FIFA. Strasbourg have had a financial liquidation punishment again, and this time there is no other solution then to move to Germany so Strasbourg can avoid bankruptcy. So the first thing you need to do is move Strasbourg to the Bundesliga (2. Bundesliga also an option).

The requirements for this challenge will be:

  1. Move Strasbourg to Germany. It doesn’t matter what league in Germany but be aware that overall wise the Bundesliga is the fairest option.
  2. Have a starting XI consisting of 3 French players, 3 German players and the rest of the starting XI can be from anywhere you want.
  3. Have scouts in France and Germany. Your third option can be anywhere you want. Realistic choices are Switzerland and Belgium, because these countries are both close to Strasbourg.
  4. Beat Freiburg, if you don’t you have to put 1 of your starting XI players on the bench for 2 games. You can either spin a wheel using or choose the highest OVR in your starting XI. The main reason you have to beat Freiburg is because Freiburg and Strasbourg are closely located next to each other. Meaning you can create a fun rivalry between the clubs.
  5. Because you came in Germany due to Financial issues you are only allowed to spend 10% of your starting budget in Season 1, and 50% in Season 2. From season 3 and onward you are allowed to spend as much as you want.
  6. Use strict negotiations, no financial takeover and try to use the Global Transfer Network as much as possible. Sites as SoFifa are allowed but try to avoid this when you can.
  7. You finished the challenge once you won both the Champions League and the Bundesliga. This doesn’t have to happen in the same season.

So what are you waiting for, go start a Strasbourg Career in Germany. Be sure to check out our other challenges as well and share your experience with them on the FIFACMTips Discord server! If you have any requests for a challenge that we should write about be sure to submit it via the Request button in the lower left corner. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments, and if this challenge might not suit you maybe check out the other challenges we created.

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