Nottingham Forest went from winning the Europa Cup I to being consistently in the second tier of England. Can you change this and bring Nottingham Forest back to glory?!

The Midlands outfit used to be a titan of Europe, winning back to back UCL titles in 1978/79 and then 79/80. However since then, they endured a rough few decades, which saw them relegated to the Championship, where they have been ever since. To read more about their fall from grace, check out the story we wrote about Nottingham Forest.

Now, the club has an influx of money via their Greek owner, and a strong reputation in England.

Your task is simple. Rebuild the squad, and take them to premier league glory, as well as winning back to back TO BACK UCL titles to improve on their long remembered but wanted past.

So, will you replant this wilted Forest? Or let it fade into obscurity in the search of a new challenger

The rules are simple.
1) Have at least 2 Greeks and 10 British (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) players in your squad at all times. 1 of those Greeks, and 3 of those Englishman have to be included in the Starting XI.

2) Send scouts out to either England, Scotland , Wales, Northern Ireland or Greece.

3) Strict negotiations, no financial boosts, and no use of potential websites such as SoFifa. So you have to rely on the built in Global Transfer Network.

4) You can only finish the save after winning the premier league title, and the UCL 3 times in a row.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to click on the request button. You can also leave your feedback in the comments, and make sure to check out other posts and challenges! If you would like to share your progress in the challenge or a FIFA save in general, join our Discord and share your progress!

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