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Only signing the best wonderkids over and over again? Here are some tips on how to make realistic transfers!

Ever felt like your Career Mode save gets a bit stale or repetitive? Well, that might be because your transfers are the same in every save. So let’s give you a few tips on how you can make better, fun signings who are also a bit more realistic then the odd Camavinga or Madueke moving to Derby County for example.

1. Global Transfer Network

The most recommended tip is actually very easy and right in front of you. It’s the Global Transfer Network, which is a feature in Career Mode already:

Global Transfer Network in FIFA21 Career Mode

Within the Global Transfer Network are a couple of scouts who are already scouting different countries and different types of players. If you click on one of these scouts, you will see multiple players that have been watched by your scout and who fit within the criteria that the scout has received from the club. Depending on the country that a scout is viewing and the criteria that has been set for that scout, they will come back with either a lot of players or just a select few.

The amount of players that get scouted depends on the country the scout is looking at

You can change the country that the scout is looking at by clicking triangle (PS) or Y (Xbox) and relocate the scout to another scout. But more importantly, you can also change the instructions and so the type of players that the scouts will look for.

You can change the instructions of players that your scouts have to look for

Once again, press triangle (PS) or Y (Xbox) to edit the instruction. You can select almost any position you want, the contract length, the age and specific attributes. These attributes are very handy if you’re looking for specific types of players, so be sure to look at your squad and think: “What kind of players do I need in my squad?” If you gave this some more thought, select the attributes you are looking for in a player. It’s highly recommended to not choose too many attributes, as that might result in your scout not finding any players who fit within the selected attributes.

You can be very specific when it comes to scouting players, adding the player’s specific position, contract length, age and certain attributes

When you set up the regions and instructions your scouts have to look at, they will bring back players who fit within all categories over the next few weeks. You won’t get notified about these newly scouted players until the scout has found every player that fits within the criteria.

Your scouts will come back with players who fit in with the categories you set up

Eventually, there will be a bunch of players that fit within your criteria. Take a look at what players seem interested to you and scout them further to see their rating, stats and value. Of course, the odd wonderkid can still pop up in your scout’s suggestions, but setting up good instructions will decrease the amount of high potential talents you will find, which is much better to keep it realistic when you are using lower rated/lower division teams or just teams that don’t buy any wonderkids at all in real life (an exception can be Stade Rennais, who have Camavinga and Doku).

2. Real Life Rumours

A very good way to find realistic transfer targets for your Career Mode is to search what players are rumoured to sign for your club in real life. This can be done via typing in your club’s name and add transfer rumours to your search. Plenty of useful websites will pop up which show the latest transfers and transfer rumours around your club. A highly recommend website to search for transfer rumours is Transfermarkt.

You can’t go wrong using real life rumours to get more realistic signings in your Career Mode save!

3. Player Roles

You can also look more at the transfer history of the club and the specific types of players your club tends to sign in real life. Borussia Dortmund normally tends to sign a lot of younger, talented players who they develop into great players and eventually sell on to other clubs for a big fee. And Manchester United tends to sign a lot of highly rated, world-class players such as Edinson Cavani, Paul Pogba and Jadon Sancho.

Looking at player roles can help you determine what type of players your club normally signs and you can try to follow as well. If your club normally looks at reserve players from big clubs, don’t sign multiple wonderkids.

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