Feyenoord, a club located in the Netherlands with a lot of history and room for an amazing future. This challenge might be for you!

Feyenoord is a club located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and plays in the Eredivisie. Feyenoord is part of the original top 3 of the Netherlands together with PSV and Ajax but in the last decades it has been mainly Ajax and PSV winning the Eredivisie out of the 3. The goal of this challenge will be to become a dominant force in the title race again. Let’s first learn some things about Feyenoord though.

Feyenoord started in 1908 and is one of three professional clubs in Rotterdam. The other two clubs are Sparta Rotterdam who also play in the Eredivisie and Excelsior who play in the “Keuken Kampioen Divisie”, which is the second tier of Dutch football. The Rotterdam football supporters are known to be great and the Feyenoord fans are no different. The Feyenoord fans are known for their atmosphere and are often ranked having the best atmosphere in the Netherlands. Feyenoord’s stadium, De Kuip, is always an intimidating place for the opposition.

Feyenoord Ultra’s that make De Kuip a scary place for the oppositions.

Over the course of 112 years, Feyenoord have won a bunch of trophies. They have won the Eredivisie 15 times, the 2016/17 season being their latest. They have also won the KNVB Beker (Dutch Cup) 13 times, European Cup 1 (now Champions League) once and the UEFA Cup (now Europa League) twice. Their latest international trophy is the UEFA Cup, that was won in 2002. This cup win is also the latest international trophy won by a Dutch team.

Now that we are up to speed with Feyenoord’s history, let’s make their future even better! Your challenge will be a long term challenge, so expect a lot of seasons in the Netherlands. 

Here are the rules of the Career Mode, try to follow them as much as you can:

Win the Champions League
The ultimate goal of most challenges is to win the Champions League, and this challenge is no other. While this isn’t the primary goal, it is one of the many goals set up for this adventure. Can you give Feyenoord their second Champions League in club history?

Second Star
When winning the Eredivisie ten times, the club gets to put a star above their logo. Can you get Feyenoord a second star by winning the Eredivisie five more times?

Norwegian Gods
At the time of writing this post Feyenoord has signed 2 Norwegian players in the most recent transfer window. Marcus Pedersen and Fredrik Aursnes both joined Feyenoord from the Norwegian club Molde. Your job is to sign another Norwegian in your first transfer window. Choose wisely because you’ve got to keep 1 of the Norwegian players in your starting XI throughout the whole save.

Feyenoord Academy
The Feyenoord Academy is the Youth Academy from Feyenoord. Feyenoord used to be known for their Youth Academy, developing the likes of Dirk Kuyt, Robin van Persie and Georginio Wijnaldum. In recent years Feyenoord haven’t developed many big names. The likes of Zirkzee and Jurriën Timber both started at Feyenoord but joined a different side at a young age. Your job is to keep the current young stars at the club by giving them enough playing time. Always have a player between the age of 16-18 in the starting XI. Once a player turns 19 years old in the middle of the season, they still count till the end of the same season.

The Feyenoord Academy is the Youth Academy of Feyenoord.

Feyenoord TIL I die
Feyenoord got Guus Til on loan in season one in FIFA22 Career Mode as they signed him in the latest transfer window. Make sure to sign Guus Til at the end of the first season and keep him a minimum of three seasons at the club.

If you are doing this challenge in FIFA21 Career Mode, try to loan him in the first season and buy him in the second season (or buy him straight away).

Sell at prime
Feyenoord has too many instances where they sold a player too late, a good example is Jörgensen. In the 2016/17 season he was topscorer of the Eredivisie. His value was pretty high for Feyenoord terms but they decided to keep him. In the latest transfer window in real life, Jörgensen got sold for free and currently has a value of 1,6 million euros. This is a huge decrease and Feyenoord could have made a lot more money. Your job is to stop bad deals like this from happening again, sell a player if he excels in a season and if the club receives a good offer.

De Klassieker
The last rule is simple. Never, ever lose to Ajax. De Klassieker is a very big derby in- and outside the Netherlands and means a lot to the fans. If you lose a match to Ajax you have to leave your highest rated player out of the squad for the next three games after your loss.

These will be your objectives with Feyenoord for this challenge. Can you bring them back to glory? Make sure to check out the other challenges if this one doesn’t really suit you. If you decide to do this one make sure to share your progress by leaving a comment under this post or in our Career Mode Discord server:


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